Children's Miracle Network of Canada

Anyone that knows me knows my background with healthcare and that I am very passionate about working on projects like this for that reason. When the scripts came across my desk with that note that said something like “the budget is unrealistically small” I didn’t even think twice about it. I was in. All in.

The things that I have gone through in my life from a healthcare perspective are only a small fraction of what these kids deal with on a daily basis, but because of my experiences I knew that this was important. I was just so excited to be able to work on such a meaningful project with a group of incredibly talented individuals and some of the coolest kids I have ever met.

The project certainly had its challenges, the main one being that we had to shoot three of these spots in one long, long day. To add to that it happened to be the day that the GTA got hit with the biggest snow storm it’s had in like 5-10 years.

Needless to say, it all worked out. As I mentioned before, the team I was able to have working on this was truly incredible. The kids and their families were all rockstars, making what could have been a stressful day very fun.

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